Albatross Pools & Spas are proud to offer a wide range of products to each and every client. 

Tiled Pools 

All Albatross tiled swimming pools are constructed in reinforced concrete and finished to a very high specification. The pool shell carries the Albatross 10 year guarantee. All equipment guarantee's are honoured. 
Built in at the time of construction are: underwater lights, skimmers, returns, bottom drains (installed in the deepest part of the pool to ensure maximum water movement and filtration), automatic vacuum point, automatic chorinator, automatic water leveller and a stainless steel pool ladder. 
A wide range of manual or automatic insulating covers can be supplied and installed to reduce heat loss, with walk-on safety facilities incorporated in some designs. The filtration and heating systems are chosen for efficiency and reliability and will keep your swimming pool water warm, crystal clear and in tip top condition. 

Liner Pools 

Albatross Pools & Spas construct their liner pools with 18" x 9" hollow concrete blocks, reinforced both horizontally and vertically then filled with concrete, or you can have a polymer panel pool. Both methods are build to exceptionally high standards. 
The floor of the pool is 6" deep consisting of concrete and a sand/cement/vermiculite screed. The vermiculite forms a non abrasive surface for the liner and a small degree of insulation. 

Indoor Pools 

Albatross Pools & Spas will complete the contract with the minimum disruption to you and your neighbours. We will ensure that your pool is finished to the very highest of standard and specification and to your complete satisfaction. 
We will honour all guarantee's. Rest assured our after sales service is second to none! A complete valet service is available if required. 

Spa Pools 

Our high quality spa pools, whether installed in the swimming pool complex or separately, are a luxury no aching back can afford to be without. 
Our spa pools are constructed in concrete with mosaic tiles to match your pool or in a smooth acrylic with a choice of many colours. 
Whatever you choose, Albatross Pools & Spas will ensure that your spa is built to the highest standard with the very best running equipment to compliment the project. 

Free Survey / Estimate 

Albatross Pools & Spas will be pleased to arrange a visit to your home to discuss your ideas. Our survey and estimate are without obligation and free of charge, at a date and time that is convenient to you. 


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T: 01277 624653 
E: dave@albatrosspools.co.uk 


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